My Approach

My approach in therapy is like my view on my life, it will be what I make of it. I want every session to be as productive as possible. Realizing that 80% of the session is the therapeutic alliance, meaning the relationship between the therapist and the client, it my my belief that I can only help my clients reach optimum mental health if I also work on my own health. Self care and reflection are a part of my daily life, as they need to be for my clients.

I use several different theories in my practice because no two clients will respond the same, but my favorites are Emotion Focused, Imago, Solution Focused, and Internal Family Systems. A few of the techniques I use are BrainSpotting, letter writing, guided imagery and empty chair (Gestalt)  and of course, good old fashion listening. I find that by asking curious questions, it causes my clients to think and resolve problems on their own. Which in turn empowers them and give them tools to endure whatever struggles come their way.

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